Chemical Spraying for Termites

There are many different methods of protecting a building from termites. A chemical spray is applied around the footing of a building and it has a repellent affect on the termites.

The chemical spray is applied to the soil, saturating it with a high volume so that the barrier is complete. The barrier is there to prevent termites from going from the soil into the foundation of the structure. It acts as a powerful deterrent preventing termites and white ants from attacking a building.

A chemical spray is one of the methods we use to protect buildings from termite infestations. Termite chemical spraying is often used after a successful eradication program as one of the means of preventing termites from re-infesting a building.

Typically, chemical sprays are use part of a comprehensive treatment, in conjunction with other methods of termite control. For example, many buildings will also have a physical barrier in place in the concrete slab to stop termites. For buildings on timber pilings, the pilings themselves need to be treated to stop the termites from making their way up into the super structure.

Everyday Pest Control offers chemical spraying for termites as part of a comprehensive protection package.

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