What do I do to get my house ready for a pest control treatment?

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Getting ready for pest control treatment is a fairly straightforward task – these notorious creatures may be hidden in a number of places but some basic precautionary measures can be taken to ensure the most effective treatment possible.

Your general pest control treatment will be most successful if you cooperate with the pest control team and prepare your home, office or property before their arrival. So start by speaking with your friendly Everyday Pest Control technician to get personalised advice for your premises and treatment being done.As a general rule, it is ideal that you thoroughly clean your house and maintain this neat and clean condition for as long as possible.

  • Scrub the floors with a good detergent and make sure that all rugs or carpets are thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Afterwards, the vacuum cleaner should be taken outside, the bag removed, sealed and discarded properly in the trash. This is an important step as it helps eliminate many small pests, their eggs and most importantly their food sources, forcing them to come out of their hide outs and be targeted by the team during the treatment process.
  • All food items should be moved away from all countertops and if there has to be any open food placed outside, it must be covered properly.
  • Washing or dry cleaning all clothes and bed sheets is also a highly recommended task. After washing and drying these, they must be sealed in clean bags.
  • If there are any aquariums in the house they must be covered with some sheets or towels.
  • Move any furniture away from walls to give the technician space to freely move within the premises and spray in all corners. If possible, aim for all furniture to be at least three to four feet from the wall.
  • Lastly, the clients must be fully prepared to leave their place during the treatment and stay away from it, at least for a couple of hours. The same goes for any pet animals or birds present at the site.

If you are unsure as to what needs to be done, or cannot complete any of these preparation steps, just call your Everyday Pest Control technician and talk it through with them. We have dealt with every issue when it comes to general pest control treatment preparation so you can trust our expert advice and extensive experience to get the job done thoroughly and effectively. Call 1300 841 856.

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