How Much Does Rat Pest Control Cost In Melbourne?

Rat Pest Control Cost in Melbourne, VIC

Pest control for mice in Melbourne is now widely available from a number of companies. If you are experiencing some pest activity in your home, yet are unfamiliar with the signs of rodents on your property, it is a good idea to learn what they are so that you have an easier time identifying unexpected visitors. Then, if you are pretty certain you have mice or rats on your property that cannot be handled by you alone, you may want to contact pest control for a quote.

The chances of you actually spotting a rat or mouse are quite low, especially in the daytime. Being nocturnal creatures, they are mostly active during the night hours. To confirm their presence, there are a few signs to look and listen out for:


Rodents tend to leave their droppings scattered around in random areas, making it easier to identify whether or not they have been in your home. Mouse droppings are small with pointed end, while rat droppings are larger and have rounded ends.


If you are hearing soft and unusual sounds within your walls or across your floors, they may be caused by rodents. Mice and rats tend to make squeaking or chewing and scrabbling sounds throughout the home.


Often found in drawers or boxes, a mass of torn paper and cloth generally signifies a nest—a sure-fire sign of rodent activity.

Chewed Cables

Finally, chewed cables are a pretty clear sign that there are pests on the property. Rodents will often chew on electrical cables.

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