Preventing Termite Infestation: Get to know the Enemy

Termites Control Service in Melbourne

Termites are one of the most successful species on the planet, having acquired the ability to digest cellulose around 300 million years ago they have conquered most of the Earth, thriving on five continents.

Like bees and ants, termites are a eusocial species, that live in large groups and sacrifice personal liberty for the common good.

In practice this means that almost all termites are sterile, with only the king and queen reproducing.

Another key component of a eusocial species is the division of the group into castes. In a termite colony there are workers , soldiers and reproductives .

The workers are the most numerous, they are the ones that build the colony and bring all the food in.

The soldiers are much bigger and have specialised mouth parts that they use as weapons, their sole function is to protect the colony from attack (usually by ants).

The final caste is the reproductives. These are the few termites that are able to reproduce.

In most colonies there is only a single king and queen, though they will also produce allates that are winged reproductives.

Allates are the scouts for new colonies, they are sent out to find new food sources, once they have found a suitable location they shed their wings and dig into the ground.

Termites require hot and humid conditions, which is why they will live under the ground, in mud structures above the ground or within the wood they are eating as they can control the heat and humidity levels in these environments.

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