Pre Construction Termite Protection

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Specialists in Part A and Part B, we can help you fulfil the requirements to receive the Certificate of Occupancy.

Before you build, it’s best to call us in to protect your home against termite.

If you’re planning on building a new home or commercial property, you surely have an exciting journey ahead.  From selecting colours and materials, to organising landscaping arrangements—being able to create your home or business exactly the way you want it is an amazing experience for anyone. While you are focused on all the particulars and making sure that everything goes to plan, there are a few things that you will need to call the experts to take care of. One of these things is Pre Construction Termite Protection.

Pre Construction Termite Protection is the process of having your home protected against termites during the construction phase. At Everyday Pest Control, we have a dedicated team of pre-construction experts who specialise in ensuring your premises is given maximum protection against termites, from the foundation up. Our pre construction services are based on barriers, which we create to better defend your home against unwanted visitors. We offer physical, reticulation, and chemical pre construction termite barriers—selecting one or more for your property based on its unique characteristics, and a consultation with you.

Our pre-construction services are completely in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660.1, and fulfill the requirements for your home to receive its Certificate of Occupancy. In order to obtain this certificate, and ultimately have your premises deemed fit for occupancy, a sufficient termite barrier must be installed and in accordance with Part A and Part B level certified protection for the dwelling. Part A covers protection under your house, while Part B refers to the perimeter of the building.

At Everyday Pest Control, we treat Part A with either homeguard physical or a chemical barrier, and Part B with either homeguard physical, a chemical barrier, or a reticulation system. For more information, or to arrange for us to conduct a Pre Construction Pest Control on your property, contact us today on 1300 841 856.

Part A Homeguard Collars

Part A Homeguard Collars

Part B Home Guard 2 Physical Barrier

Part B Home Guard 2 Physical Barrier

Customer Reviews

  1. Sandra
    Rating 5

    Everyday pest control’s team seemed honest, knowledgeable and was able to go thru the entire process. They explained the next steps and help us understand what the needs are for termite protection before propery construction. Would highly recommend.

  2. Pamela U.
    Rating 5

    These people are very professional & did a thorough job for my pre construction termite protection. Thanks Team Everyday pest control.

  3. James S.
    Rating 5

    Highly recommended service. Very professional people I must say.

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