Reticulation System

One of the most popular methods of termite control is a built-in reticulation system. These not only help to protect buildings from termites but also add value to a property due to its on-going protective value as well.

A reticulation system is a network of underground pipes that distribute chemical agents that deter termite attacks and infestation throughout a building’s foundations. A reticulation system allows precision application of the chemical and helps to protect against infestation by termites.

The reticulation system enables the termites to be targeted whilst ensuring that the occupants of the building are not exposed to the potentially harmful chemicals. They also ensure that there is little disruption for the occupants of the building and because they are able to strike with pinpoint accuracy they ensure minimal wastage of chemicals due to leaching, seepage or underground water percolation ensuring maximum efficiency.

Installing a reticulation system in a building ensures that a building is protected for many years to come. They do need to be recharged annually. As with most termite control methods the reticulation system works best in conjunction with other methods of termite detection, such as monitoring stations.

If you are considering having a reticulation system installed then you need to plan this as early as possible as it will need to be incorporated into the build at the design stage.

There are a number of different reticulation systems available that can be installed in most building types and sizes.

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