Our Pest Control Services in Melbourne

At Everyday Pest Control, we offer a solution for any kind of pest invasion or pest control issue you might be facing. We have worked hard to offer the best pest control services in Melbourne and to provide the highest quality general pest control treatment.

Possum Control

We prevent possum access to your home by blocking entry points and reinforcing areas where they may gain access in the future. We also place one way exit points in your roof, allowing possums to harmlessly leave your property by themselves.

Bird Control

We opt to use humane methods of bird control, such as making homes bird proof with netting or mesh.

Termite Control

We deal with termite invasions using the latest in technology and early detection systems.

Spider Control

We give you the tools to maintain your property in such a way that doesn’t attract spiders, and we inspect your property to devise a programme to keep your property as free of spiders as possible.

Silverfish Control

We use the most effective preventative measures in order to protect your textiles from silverfish. We also use the least invasive methods available to remove them from your home.

Rats, Mice & Rodent Control

We inspect your property and draw up a control plan to suit your area and rodent problem. We also provide you with the education to prevent rat and mice from re-entering your home.

Mosquito Control

Utilising our many years of experience in dealing with mosquitoes, we undertake a thorough inspection of your situation and use one of our many effective treatment methods to resolve your issue.

Fly Control

After surveying your property, we will select the right fly treatment plan for your needs.

Flea Control

We inspect both indoor and outdoor areas to determine what flea treatments are needed for your home.

Cockroach Control

We utilise the most effective approaches possible in clearing your home of cockroaches. We formulate the right control plan for you, based on a thorough inspection that we undertake of your property.

Bed bug Control

We implement a complete eradication program, starting with a thorough inspection to find where the main population is. As bed bugs are usually found in sleeping areas, we use only the safest insecticides available.

Ant Control

We create and implement a program to control ants in a building and help to reduce their population in the surrounding environments.

Bees & Wasp Control

With years of experience dealing with both wasps and bees, we have a number of different treatment options available, depending on the situation at hand.

Expert Skills, Friendly Service. Call us on 1300 841 856 for the best pest control services in Melbourne.

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