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Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed bugs were one of a very common occurrence in homes, and as time passed, people thought that they have been eradicated for good. Unfortunately, this belief was proven to be false, as today it is clear that bed bugs do still exist. If you are struggling with a bed bug infestation, the good news is that we offer bed bug control in Melbourne. Not only that, but we offer the best in bed bug pest control in Melbourne.

Problems Caused By Rodents

  • Bed bugs feed on human blood – which means they bite!
  • Bed bug bites can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Even if there is no allergic reaction, the site of the bite can swell and itch. Scratching it can cause an infection.

Bed Bug Information for Hotels, Motels, & Hostels

As their given name suggests, bed bugs are most attracted to any space where there are a large number of beds present. Given that hotels, motels, and hostels are prime examples of this, it is crucial that bed bug treatment in Melbourne is undertaken regularly to keep the premises clear of pests. The discovery of bed bugs can destroy the reputation of a hotel, so we maintain absolute confidentiality while rapidly treating the problem, to ensure minimal downtime.


How We Can Help

Everyday Pest control implements a complete eradication program that starts with a thorough inspection to find out where the main bed bug population is. They are usually found in sleeping areas and mattresses. However, other common areas in which bed bugs are found include the base of the bed, bedding, pillows, and any small crevices—such as where the floor and walls meet.

These areas must be treated with safe insecticides to ensure that treatment processes respect the highest standards of human safety possible. We then enclose mattresses in an encasement as part of the treatment process, as it is almost impossible to get inside the mattress; which is a favourite spot for bed bugs. We supply this method of bed bugs removal in Melbourne at the most competitive price around.

What You Can Do

  • Wash all bedding and clothing in hot water.
  • Thoroughly vacuum all the flooring including hard floor areas, carpets and mats.
  • Vacuum all soft furnishings such as pillows and easy chairs.
  • Immediately dispose of all the contents in the vacuum cleaner by placing it in a double bag and binning it.

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    If you have bed bugs, then you need to hire these guys. Everyday Pest Control is amazing. Very professional and very good at what they do. I would highly recommend.

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    I recently discovered I was having an issue with bed bugs. I called them for Bed Bugs removal. Super happy with the service. Highly recommend!

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    Great service. Very professional approach by entire team. I recommended their service to all my friends.

  4. JEFF R.
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    Excellent. Super professional and knowledgeable about all the issues we were having. It’s been a few weeks and I definitely see the difference.

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