Bees and Wasps Control in Melbourne

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Bees and Wasps ControlWasps and bees can pose a problem if they start to appear in large numbers numbers around your home or business premises. While they do have an important role to play in the wider environment, bees in particular, can be problematic for most and dangerous for those who are allergic.

Problems Caused By Bees and Wasps

  • Both species have a powerful sting that can cause discomfort and in some, an allergic reaction.
  • While most of the time you would be unlikely to be stung more than once sometimes they can swarm, causing a far greater risk.
  • They also land on food, creating disturbance.

How We Can Help

Everyday Pest Control have years of experience with both wasps and bees and depending on the situation we have a number of different options available including using pesticide on the nest and moving the hives.

Call Us Now on 1300 841 856 or Enquire Online and We’ll Work with you to Control your bee or wasp Problem.

Customer Reviews

  1. Jake
    Rating 5

    I noticed 2 wasp nests growing outside my property. I called Everyday Pest Control the same day after seeing all the great reviews. Excellent price and very easy going service. No need to look further if you need some pest control services. Thanks Everyday Pest Control.

  2. Mike
    Rating 5

    They came out within a couple hours of my call, in fact they were 10 minutes early, and took out two bee nests, as well as checking around the property for anything else we might not have seen. Such a great service. Thanks Team Everyday.

  3. Miriam L.
    Rating 5

    Great company and excellent service. Did a fantastic job removing the bees humanely.

  4. Brooklyn H.
    Rating 5

    They are amazing! We had a massive wasp problem in our basement and they came within 2 days and fixed it. They did their job very responsibly.

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