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Bird Control MelbourneWhen birds starting nesting roof-spaces and their droppings mess up walls and paths they become quite a pest. Nests can also start to become smelly over time. Birds can also become territorial and start to swoop on passersby, become a safety risk.

Birds also carry ticks, mites and fleas that can cause problems. However, Everyday Pest Control can offer many solutions for your bird problems and we are just a phone call away.

Birds Can Cause Disease

It is a well-known fact that birds can transmit diseases such as SARS, but most people do not realise that they can also spread Salmonella food poisoning. How can they do this? The Salmonella bacterium is found in their droppings and their eggs. Droppings often turn to dust and the bacteria become air-borne. They can blow right into your food when you eat outdoors; even indoor food can be at risk if your bird problem is not controlled at the right time.

The fleas and mites that feed off the birds can be found in their nests. When the birds leave the nests, those little critters become hungry and go in search of other food; namely humans. The trouble is a few fleas can lay eggs and before you know it, the house is infested.

How We Can Help

There are many humane options for bird control and which approaches we use will depend on your specific bird problem.

  • Homes can be made bird proof with netting or mesh
  • Electric shock systems or spikes can be set up to discourage birds from landing. These don’t hurt the birds, but if they cannot land comfortably, they will go elsewhere
  • Audio devices that emit a high pitched sound that humans and animals cannot hear, but birds can are often quite successful in deterring birds
  • Shooting and poisoning are only considered as a last resort. It is better to lose the birds than to lose your health or life due to bird disease

What You Can Do

Often, birds are attracted to water and food supplies – some even like dog food or scraps left out for your pets. You need to clean up all food scraps from the area and limit water access for birds.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Tommy
    Rating 5

    We had a pigeon problem in our building that Everyday Pest Control team came in and quickly fixed. It’s been two weeks since and the birds haven’t come back.

  2. Lana Y
    Rating 5

    I moved into a home that had on-going pigeon issues, something I only discovered after I got there. I called Everyday Pest Control for pigeon removal, I can now add myself to the list of people who are satisfied customers!

  3. Debra C.
    Rating 5

    Very professional and timely. The birds are gone and the mess was cleaned up professionally by Everyday pest control.

  4. Nelson H.

    Thank you team everyday pest control for such a great bird control service.

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