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Cockroaches Control MelbourneIf you have ever seen cockroaches in or around a building, it is because that building provides shelter, warmth, food and water for them. Cockroaches will go wherever they can meet their basic survival needs met and then breed.

Problems Caused By Cockroaches

  • Spread diseases
  • Contaminate food and non-food areas with their discarded shells, droppings, egg cases and vomit
  • Seriously harm the reputation of a business
  • Cause unpleasant odours.

Signs of Cockroach Activity

Cockroaches often come out at night. When their population is still small, you may not even notice them. But it’s not long before those few increase in number and the begin to make their presence felt even during the day. Some tell-tale signs that can indicate the presence of cockroaches are:

  • Droppings that resemble pepper in cupboards or drawers
  • Larger droppings up to 2mm
  • Casts or their outer shells that have been discarded
  • Dark spots (which are actually vomit!) on utensils or dishes.
  • Food that has gone off for no apparent reason

How We Can Help

It is a common belief that cockroach infestations cannot be gotten rid of. This is just not true. Complete removal is difficult, but with the right approach it can be achieved. This is where we come in.

We will inspect your area to see how bad the problem is before formulating the correct cockroach control plan. Options include:

  • Bait: This is safe for humans and pets, but is applied to places out of reach to ensure the safety and well being of your family
  • We can apply a dusting of active agents to the sub-floor, wall, and ceiling cavities
  • Surface spraying can be condcuted around the perimeters of the building or home

What You Can Do

  • Cockroaches can do without food for months, but they like water. Therefore you can reduce the water content in your home. Wipe the kitchen sink after use.
  • Take rubbish out every evening to prevent build-up of food particles
  • We can advise on how to seal cracks and entry points with mesh etc.
  • Store food off the ground and away from walls

Call Us Now on 1300 841 856 or Enquire Online and We’ll Work with you to Control your cockroach Problem.

Customer Reviews

  1. Giva
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    Very professional and friendly service. Answered all my questions and concerns about the process and what best treatment for our space. Thank you.

  2. Samuale
    Rating 5

    I had cockroaches problem for some time, recently got out Everyday pest control. They were fantastic. Thanks Team Everyday Pest control.

  3. Kevin M.
    Rating 5

    Really fast service with good recommendations and actions for cockroach removals.

  4. Cynthia M.
    Rating 5

    Very punctual, helpful and polite in fielding our cockroach issue. I would definitely recommend them.

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