End of Lease Pest Control

It is common for a lease to have terms in your Tenant Agreement regarding end of lease pest control
In some cases if you have had pets in the building you need to have a flea treatment or this may simply be a standard clause in your landlord’s agreement. This is particularly important if you have cats or dogs as pets.

Everyday Pest Control offers full end of lease pest control, our experienced controllers have all the right expertise, equipment and drive to do the job well.

Pet Related Pest Problems

  • Many landlords are worried about pests left behind after a tenancy
  • Hard to detect during inspection
  • They often hatch after final inspection
  • Make it hard to rent the premises out again

Everyday Pest Control Can Provide end of lease pest control that includes:

  • Inspection and reporting of any issues for the landlord
  • Application of any necessary remediation

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