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Fleas Control MelbourneFleas are like bed bugs in that they feed off human blood – and of course, off animal blood too. Where one or two fleas are found there will soon be a great many because they breed so fast. A flea plague can be difficult to get rid of because treatment for adult fleas will not affect the eggs.

Problems Caused By Ticks or Fleas

  • They bite and cause a great deal of itching that lasts for several days. Scratching can cause infection
  • They can make pets very uncomfortable and irritable
  • They spread sickness and disease
  • Fleas can cause badly infected puppies or kittens to become anaemic and die.

How We Can Help

There is no point treating only one area especially if your pet is allowed to come indoors. Both indoor and outdoor areas must be inspected to see what treatments must be carried out. We may:

  • Put dust in the roof void and subfloor
  • Treat outdoor areas with human-safe pesticide
  • Use a growth regulator to interrupt the life cycle of the fleas
  • Treat areas inside the home; floors, furnishings, carpets, mats, rugs and crevices
  • We use the safest products available on the market today, to protect the health of your family and pets

What You Can Do

  • Treat your pet for fleas. Some products protect the animal, but do not kill the fleas. Bath your pet in a flea solution from the vet or the supermarket. Use a flea collar too
  • Wash the pet bedding in hot water to kill fleas, larvae and eggs. Wash all your own bedding in hot water
  • Vacuum all the floor surfaces and mats; pay particular attention to cracks and crevices along the wall base. Wash mats in hot water if they are washable
  • Immediately dispose of the vacuum cleaner contents by enclosing it in a double bag, sealing it and putting it in the bin

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Customer Reviews

  1. Martin
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    Very happy with Everyday Pest Control’s service as they ware on time, very informative and professional. They fixed my flea problem. Would definitely recommend.

  2. Patrick
    Rating 5

    Our request for flea removal services was replied to very promptly. They arrived very quickly & did everything required to resolve our flea issues.

  3. Sherri A.
    Rating 5

    Brilliant service for flea removal and speedy response of my query. I will be recommending to everyone!!!

  4. Dana P.
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    Very quick response, very efficiently dealt with my flea problem and very personable. Thank you.

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