Managing Possum Problems

BrushtailPossumThe populations of native Brushtail and Ringtail possums have been rising at an alarming rate in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Experts feel this spike in breeding is being supported by plentiful food sources in populated suburbs—whether through their natural habitat or by raiding rubbish bins etc.

Problems Caused By Possums

  • Creating unpleasant odours
  • Damaging electrical wiring
  • Ruining insulation in roof and wall spaces
  • Noisy fights at night—resulting in sleepless nights for residents.

How We Can Help

  • Prevent access by blocking entry points and reinforce areas where they may gain access in the future
  • We can also place one way exit points in your roof, allowing possums to exit by themselves. Once all possums have exited, we block the exit
  • For particularly problematic possums, we can place humane cages and traps. Trapped possums are relocated to approved areas without causing them any harm or distress

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