Pre-purchase Inspections

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Pest Inspection

It is estimated that one in four buildings in Australia will suffer termite damage over its lifetime. That means you need to get a pre purchase pest inspection before you sign on the dotted line.

We will deliver a survey of the building including confirming and assessing:

  • Any live termite activity
  • Any timber pest activity
  • Any existing termite damage
  • Any existing timber pest damage
  • Any existing termite damage
  • Any existing timber pest damage
  • Any conditions that might encourage termite infestation
  • Any conditions that might encourage termite activity like leaks and ventilation
  • Any ways you could limit the risk of future termite infestation
  • Any ways you could limit the risk of future timber pest attack
  • Any existing termite protection systems in place
  • Any future termite protection systems we could install

The team at Everyday Pest Control are the pre purchase pest inspection experts, they have years of experience, all the right equipment and a passion for ensuring people know what they are buying. With our inspection and comprehensive report you can rest assured that you will be fully informed on all past, present and future risks and damage.

Call Us Now on 1300 841 856 or Enquire Online and we’ll Work with you to make your purchase experience worry free.

Customer Reviews

  1. Ben
    Rating 5

    This company provides excellent and timely reports for building inspeciotns. They gave us a great explanation of the what is required and how we could get this sorted for our building straight away.

  2. Dona
    Rating 5

    He was very knowledgeable about the next steps and what needed to be done. If you need to get a building pre purchase inspection these are your guys..

  3. Elizabeth S.
    Rating 5

    Great job very quick to get it done with no hassle at all would highly recommend them to other people. Thank you for your pre purchase house inspections service.

  4. Pamela U.
    Rating 5

    The technician helped me a lot with my recent pre-purchase building inspection. He was very thorough and was happy to answer any questions that I had.

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