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Rats, Mice, Rodents Pest Control

Rats, mice, and other rodents can cause many problems in the home. Regardless of if you are dealing with one, or many—they can create a lot of mischief. Tending to seek the comfort and shelter of indoor environments during winter or rainy periods, rodents often find the protection they need in homes.

If you have rodents living in your property, you may want to consider rodent pest control in Melbourne. Without getting the proper rodent removal in Melbourne, the problem may only continue.

Problems Caused By Rodents

  • The spreading of germs and diseases through their urine and droppings.
  • The spreading of fleas and worms, which in turn can infect humans, causing sickness and disease.
  • The damaging of property by chewing or urinating on it.
  • Contamination of food.
  • Unpleasant odours.
  • Potential fires caused by chewing on electrical cables and causing shorts.

Signs of Rodent Activity

Being evasive creatures, you may not be able to spot rodents inside or outside.
However, you can confirm their presence through the following signs:

  • Droppings: Mouse droppings are small with pointed ends, while rat droppings are larger and have rounded ends.
  • Noises: you may hear squeaking or chewing/scrabbling noises throughout your home.
  • Nests: Often found in drawers or boxes, nests are usually made of torn paper and cloth, and produce a distinct odour.
  • Chewed Cables: Rodents will often chew on electrical cables.

How We Can Help

We inspect your premises and report our pest findings. Next we draw up a plan for rodent control in Melbourne to suit your area and problem. The plan may include setting out bait stations that enclose bait in a manner that restricts children or pets from touching it. We make sure the bait cannot be moved or hidden by rice and mice—allowing for safe disposal afterwards.

If bait cannot be used for rodent, mice, or rat pest control in Melbourne—we will have to set traps instead. As part of our service for rodent, rat, and mice control in Melbourne, we sometimes make use of tracking powder to see where they are coming and going from. We do this in order to help locate nests.

What You Can Do

  • Do not keep rubbish indoors overnight.
  • Seal all food and keep it in the refrigerator or microwave overnight.
  • Remove pet food from the bowl once your pet is done eating it.
  • With our advice, you can seal cracks and other entry points with mesh or other media.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Tom
    Rating 5

    Great service! Responded promptly and came out to set up traps to remove rats from under the house. They also put two screens on under the house vents to keep rats from moving in again.

  2. Jason
    Rating 5

    Excellent customer service, competitive pricing, super knowledgeable and helpful. They have been great to work with to remove mice from my place. Thanks to all the team Everyday Pest Control.

  3. Biggah K.
    Rating 5

    Great Service! I woke up this morning and all the rats were gone. Everyday Pest Control sorted this out yesterday. The service is fantastic

  4. Melissa B.
    Rating 5

    I was happy with the service provided by Everyday Pest Control for getting rid of the rats from my home. They were friendly and did a great job.

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