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Spider Pest Control Service in Melbourne

Rob from Everyday Pest Control recently responded to a spider problem at a home in Keilor.

The client called Rob after he sighted what he thought was a spider bite on his daughter’s leg. Rob attended and confirmed that the Keilor house did have a serious spider problem. Rob sprayed the perimeter of the home with a safe and effective insect spray and also identified potential entry points to the home for spiders and other insects and provided timely advice on how to prevent this from happening again. Rob recommends maintaining your gardens and clearing all rubbish and debris which are a common home for spiders.

If you have a pest problem call in the experts at Everyday Pest Control. For an obligation free quote contact 1300 841 856.

Customer Testimonial:

I just want to pass on my thanks to Rob at Everyday Pest Control for his quick response to my spider problem at my home in Keilor. I found my young daughter with what I suspected to be a spider bite and upon closer inspection around the house I found a number of spider webs which confirmed that it was inundated with spiders. I called Rob and he said , he had a young family and fully understood my concerns about wanting to rid my home of spiders. Rob came as soon as possible and sprayed the entire house to make it safe for my children. Thanks Rob for your quick response and advice on what I need to do to ensure I don’t have these types of problems in future. I would recommend Rob to all my friends and family as he is professional, courteous and knowledgeable.


Tim Clinnick

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