Wasp Removal in Keilor

Wasp Removal Service in Keilor

Everyday Pest Control were quick to attend a house in Keilor after receiving a call from a family that had just moved in to their newly purchased home.

A nest of wasps in the keilor home had been disturbed in the backyard and stung the new owner.

After a quick treatment the wasps were eradicated and the backyard was safe and wasp free.

Wasp stings can be very painful and dangerous, if you have signs of wasps bees or a wasp nest and would like to remove them call Everyday Pest Control today.

Customer Testimonial: Wasp Removal in Keilor

Hi Rob thank you for attending so promptly to help with our Wasp problem we can now have our children play in the backyard without the worry of wasps. The wasp nest is now completely gone but unfortunately the wasp sting on my arm is still painful.

Sarah Parke

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